Maegan’s Summer Reading Log #4

The Rescue Princesses #s 3, 5, 6: The Snow Jewel, The Moonlight Mystery, The Magic Rings

The Rescue Princesses are Emily, Clarabelle, Lulu and Jaminta. They are from a faraway land and each lives in a different castle. They are all friends. They met for the first time at a ball hosted by Emily’s parents.

These girls save animals from danger and in the third book, The Moonlit Mystery, they are saving tigers: five baby cubs and a mother. In the fifth book, they are saving a kitten from a tree. At the end of the fifth book, the friends leave for a special school for princesses.

In the sixth book, we meet a new group of girls, including Princess Lottie, who is Princess Emily’s little sister. The other princesses in the new group are Isabella, Amina, and Rosalind. They save horses from an evil servant.

I love the Rescue Princesses because I love animals and I love how these girls act toward the animals. The princesses do not have special powers, but they do have magic rings that help them communicate with one another. I would love it if my friends had those special rings!

I haven’t read #4, The Stolen Crystals because I lost it. But then I found it so now I can read it.

Thea Stilton graphic novel: Revenge of the Lizard Club

This is the second Thea Stilton graphic novel. A graphic novel is a book that has comics but it is longer than a comic book. Also, not all graphic novels feature super heroes. My brother writes about some graphic novels here and here.

Revenge of the Lizard Club is about two clubs: the gecko club for the boys and the lizard club for the girls. There are competitions such as a footrace around an island, a brainpower competition, and another one where you have to find your way around with a map and compass. The competitions decide who is the president of each club. Part of this story is about saving seals who are in danger. They are saved by the end of the story by some of the characters.

You can read more about Thea Stilton and Geronimo Stilton by clicking here.

Loveabye Dragon by Barbara Joose

Loveabye Dragon is about a little girl who is lonely for a dragon friend and a dragon who is lonely for a little girl friend. In the end they find each other as friends. It’s a very cute story.

We are always on the lookout for new books featuring dragons for all ages. See Robin & Maegan’s review of The Library Dragon by clicking here. There is also a list of our favorite dragon books in this post.

In this post, Robin asked questions, Maegan talked, and Robin typed.


Maegan’s Favorite Books

I couldn’t narrow it down to just ten like my brother did. Here are my favorite books:

#1 The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner

I really like mysteries. In my mind I picture the scenes in the story as foggy and dark.

#2 Gooney Bird Greene by Lois Lowry

Gooney Bird has crazy outfits and I  love the funny stories she tells every day. Also, she is in second grade and I will be in second grade soon.

#3 Charlotte’s Web by EB White

Charlotte is my favorite character in this book. She is so smart and she saves Wilbur. She shows how to be a really good friend.

#4 The Witches by Roald Dahl

I like this book because when my Dad reads it to me he does a funny accent. I love the way the Grand High Witch uses a V sound for Ws…she is the Grand High Vitch!

We also watched the movie of this book and the Grand High Vitch is very scary!

#5 Geronimo Stilton and Thea Stilton series

I love these books because the characters go on many adventures. The pictures are really funny and make the story so good. I like Thea because she is brave. My favorite thing that happened in one of these books was when robots went crazy on the moon.

#6 My Weird School series by Dan Guttman

Miss Daisy is Crazy! was the first chapter book I read all by myself for a book report in first grade. Not all the teachers are ladies. There are some men and some ladies. So far I have only had ladies for my teachers.  I noticed that all the rooms of the crazy school  are wacky. The principal’s office even has a punching bag in it! I would not like to go to this school because it sounds too crazy for me but I still like to read about it.

#7 Usborne Illustrated Fairy Tales

This is my favorite book. I read it all the time. The illustrations are beautiful. Sometimes fairy tales can be a little scary or confusing, but they are not scary in this book. My favorite story inside this book is The Swan Princess.

#8 Rainbow Magic fairy series by Daisy Meadows

These books have colorful covers. The stories are adventurous. Kristy and Rachel, the girls who help the fairies, sound very nice.

#9 Miss Suzy by Miriam Young

This is my Mom’s favorite story to read to me and I like it because she likes it. Miss Suzy is cute.

#10 Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt

Scaredy Squirrel is so scared to leave his nut tree. He thinks things will happen to him – he thinks there are sharks in the river! But when he jumps out of the tree he discovers he is a flying squirrel! There are other Scaredy Squirrel books if you like this one.

#11 Little Owl’s Night by Divya Srinivasan

Little Owl is just so cute. His eyes are bigger than his whole head. I think you should read it.

#12 Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter Yarrow, Lenny Lipton and Eric Puybaret

This book has beautiful pictures and I love to sing the song.

#13 The Unruly Queen by ES Redmond

In the beginning, the main character is a wild devil queen but by the end she realizes she needs to be more polite.

#14 Verdi by Jannell Cannon

Grammy & Pop Pop gave this book to Ryan but I’m the one who likes it. Verdi is a cute snake and he does cool figure eights in the air!

#15 Bedtime is Canceled by Cece Meng and Aurelie Neyret

This is a really fun story and I wish bedtime was really canceled. The parents were not too happy about it in the story.